Our mission revolves around connecting people with purpose - and that starts with our team. We represent many diverse backgrounds and perspectives, from both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, united by the idea that business can be a tool to drive positive social change. And we're growing!

Our Approach To Work

Achieving our mission begins with our team. We are striving to build a work environment that is inclusive, empathetic, and empowers our team members to bring their whole selves to work.

Professional Development

We invest in our people by fostering an environment where you can learn, develop your skills, and grow in your career and as an individual.

Flexible Work Culture

Life comes with a lot of responsibilities! We provide ample flexibility with a big emphasis on supporting you as you navigate work and life.

Connected and Inclusive Team

Employee Resource Groups, book club, happy hours - just some of the many ways to connect, learn, have fun, relax, and take on a leadership role.

Taking Time to Celebrate!

We love taking time to appreciate each other and celebrate the work we do. We're known to get extra creative on your first work-iversary!

Our Core Values

We care deeply about what we do and how we do it. Our core values are integrated into our day-to-day so that we are always improving how we work together towards our mission.



We make our business decisions with our mission as our north star. We believe this mission will change the world, and we work together to achieve it.


Growth Mindset

We thrive on challenge and see failure as a springboard for growth and for stretching existing abilities.


Radical Candor

We commit to saying what is true for us, and we commit to being people to whom others can express themselves with candor.



We are open-minded, adaptable, and agile. We are dedicated to learning, improving, and enthusiastically finding new ways to show up for our team.

In Our Team's Own Words

Our work is truly designing for good - we create innovative user experiences to connect the social good sector. And on top of that, I’ve found the perfect balance in my life. The work-life balance is so much better and healthier for me as a working parent.

My team is extremely reliable, super capable, innovative, scrappy, willing to stretch up and stretch down, and very thoughtful with each other and thoughtful with the work that we do. It sounds cliche but we are quite literally the dream team.

Catchafire really gave me a place to be at home and to be somewhere where I could bring my whole self to work, and also bring my intelligence which I had garnered over the years as well. I didn’t feel as if I had to bring just one or the other.

My team is very collaborative and experimental. We regularly share learnings, solicit feedback and advice, and brainstorm new approaches. There is a collective sense of purpose in our team goals and how they relate to the mission of Catchafire.

The thoughtfulness and the intentionality with which the interviewing process was approached, and how the process was set up really elevated the experience for me. There was a lot of clarity around what I was doing, and I understood why I was doing it.

Catchafire is an amazing opportunity to support those who are doing the work on the ground, and help nonprofits build their capacity to work with their communities and create change. It’s impactful to be engaged in that small and meaningful way.

Kate Varner
Kate Varner
User Experience
Alexa Rivadeneira
Alexa Rivadeneira
Foundation Accounts
Peter Catchings
Peter Catchings
Program Coordinator
Gerard McGeary
Gerard McGeary
Strategic Partnerships
Sean Rose
Sean Rose
Nonprofit Engagement
Ayleen Correa
Ayleen Correa
Customer Success

Our Commitment to our People

Catchafire's vision is an empathetic, inclusive and loving world where people use their talents in service of our shared humanity. This vision begins within our own organization. Catchafire's mission and vision are inseparable from a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Catchafire commits to increasing diversity in both our workforce and in our community of nonprofits and volunteers.

Catchafire commits to actively fighting and responding to racism and all forms of bias, harassment, and discrimination.

Catchafire commits to ensuring that our workplace and community welcome, respect, and value all humans.

Our people are more than resources - they are what power Catchafire! The investment in our team begins, but does not end, with:

Health, dental, & vision insurance
Commuter benefits
401k plan
Open vacation & flexible working policy
Generous parental leave
Dedicated volunteer time-off

Open Positions

If you can't find something that fits, send us your resume anyway - we're always interested in meeting people who are motivated to change the world.